Game software and Portable Touch Screen Computer (PTSC)

Entertainment and health education together

The "Smoking is Sticky" school smoking prevention program tries to focus children's attention and opinion on healthy lifestyle by considering their interests, game software (for 5-10 years old children) and Portable Touch Screen Computer (PTSC).

The PTSC is available for students in breaks between classes in the corridors. The weight of the computer is around 22 kg, and composed of two parts and the footboard is collapsible thus it eases the transport. This is a child-height-specific, colored, stylish, portable computer with shock-resistant screen.

How can the computer entertain children?

Text information, games (puzzle, coloring, tig, interactive cartoons, memory games) motivating for smoke free lifestyle or quitting, pictures of harmful effects of smoking, short films and animations are available for children.

How can we get hold of it?

Download the game software here:
HUNGARIAN and ENGLISH! "Smoking Prevention Game for 5-10 years old children" (zipped, 162 MB!)

INSTALLATION INFORMATION: Make a new map and download the "jatekszoftver.ace" file, which automatically unwraps itself to the map. If you click the icon, the game will start.
Enjoy it!

Portable Touch Screen Computer (PTSC) is coordinated to schools and kindergartens by the Regional Offices of Public Health and Medical Officer Service. Claiming the instrument is possible there: