Smoking prevention program in Kindergartens of Focal Point for Tobacco Control

"It's never too early to start. "

According to expert opinion smoking prevention programs should be implemented from the age, when negative effects with a motivation for smoking reach the children, and modify their current and future health behaviour.

Till today in Hungary the first and the most notable smoking prevention program for kindergarteners is the Smoking Prevention Program in Kindergartens of the Focal Point for Tobacco Control (FPTC), which is effective according to the impact assessment supported by the European Regional Office of WHO!

The program has been implemented in more than 1600 kindergartens. We would welcome further requests to participate.

This unique program realizes special educational task in early ages. Protection of health of kindergarteners is the main aim of the program. Elements and methods of the program tend to prevention of smoking and passive smoking and against the development of the harmful addiction.

What can children gain from the program?

By support of the several interesting, age specific and gamesome tools and methods of the program:

Attitude changing for rejection of smoking develops in children.
Knowledge increasing regarding harmful effects of smoking develops in children.
Skill of active action against passive smoking develops in children.

Methodology , tools and contents of program box: