Smoking is Sticky homepage (5-8 years old)

"I think that tobacco control has to be part culture and education even at kindergarten level. We have to work with very young children. One of the most effective ways for peopleto be persuaded about something it is through their children."
/ Dr Lee Jong-wook, Director-General, WHO/

WHO has underlined the importance of smoking prevention in early ages in the Article 12 of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control*

Did you know that one third of kindergarteners in Budapest suffer from passive smoking?**

Page of the Smoking is Sticky homepage for 5-8-year olds is developed based on this fact, which can effectively modify current and future health behaviour of children by the unique methods and tools of intervention, enhance their resistance against negative effects with a motivation for smoking and reduce their exposure of passive smoking.

The homepage especially empasizes the psychological characteristics of the target population (cognitive, moral and immaginative development)

On the page for kindergarteners, tales with sound, skill-developing, attitude corrective games and comics are available, which could be used by children alone or with the help of the parents.

* Guidelines for the implementation of Article 12 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, 2010
* Dr. Erzsebet Vegh: Passive smoking of kindergarteners in Budapest 2009. Regional Public Health and Medical Officer Service of Middle Hungary (Presentation). XVII. Primary Prevention Forum